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Dominica is governed by a president, prime minister, and cabinet, who are responsible to the country’s legislature, the House of Assembly. The president is the head of state, a largely ceremonial role, and the prime minister, as the head of government, is in charge of governing. The president is elected by the House of Assembly for a term of five years and may not serve more than two terms. The president is obliged to choose the head of the majority party in the House of Assembly as prime minister. Elections must be held at least once every five years, but the prime minister may call elections at any time.

There are 30 members of the House of Assembly, 21 elected representatives and 9 appointed senators. The senators are usually nominated by the president, five on the advice of the prime minister and four on the advice of the leader of the opposition. However, the senators can also be elected, according to Dominica’s constitution. Every Dominican citizen over age 18 is entitled to vote.

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