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Carib people, Roosevelt Skerrit, hurricane damage, Arawak, DFP

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Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Arawak and Carib people inhabited Dominica. The Arawak, a peaceful people who lived in agricultural communities, were nearly eliminated by the Europeans, chiefly as a result of disease and enslavement. The more warlike Carib resisted the European settlers, and many more of them survived.

Recent Events

The United Workers’ Party (UWP), formed in 1988, won the 1995 elections, and its leader, Edison James, became prime minister. The James administration stated its commitment to a proposal that Dominica and three other Windward Islands form a political and economic union. But hurricane damage and trouble in the banana industry weakened support for the UWP.

Following elections in 2000 the DLP and the DFP formed a governing coalition. Roosevelt “Rosie” Douglas of the DLP became prime minister. His stated aims were to diversify the country’s economy further and to gain an associate membership in the EU for Dominica. But Douglas died after several months in office. Pierre Charles, minister for communications and works, succeeded Douglas. In 2004 Charles died and was replaced by Roosevelt Skerrit, the 31-year-old minister of education. Skerrit faced the challenge of improving Dominica’s struggling economy. Skerrit and his party won the 2005 elections.

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