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>  First Inhabitants

>  European Contact: 985-1600

>  New France: 1600-1763

>  French and Indian War

>  British North America: 1763-1841

>  The Union Period: 1841-1867

>  Building the Nation: 1867-1929

>  The Pursuit of Well-Being: 1929-1968

>  National Unity: 1968-2000

Canada’s human past begins with the long tenure of the indigenous societies, followed by the 500-year collision between those peoples and the newly arrived Europeans. European colonization gave way after 1867 to the era of the Canadian nation-state. In the 20th century Canada became one of the world’s small group of wealthy, highly industrialized, technologically advanced, and heavily urbanized democracies. Yet regional tensions, ethnic rivalries, global pressures, and the powerful neighboring presence of the United States continued to challenge Canada’s political unity and cultural identity.

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