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dama gazelle, esparto grass, spotted cats, jerboa, Atlas cedar

The northern sections of Algeria have suffered from centuries of deforestation and overgrazing. Remnants of forests exist in a few areas of the higher Tell and Saharan Atlas. Trees include pines, Atlas cedar, and various oaks, including cork oak. Lower slopes are bare or covered with a scrub vegetation of juniper and other shrubs. Much of the High Plateau is barren, but tracts of steppe vegetation containing esparto grass and brushwood are present. Plant life in the Sahara is widely scattered and consists of drought-resistant grasses, acacia, and jujube trees.

The relatively sparse vegetation of the country can support only a limited wildlife population. Animal life includes fennec fox, jerboa, ibex, boar, jackal, hare, antelope, and reptiles. Servals—small, spotted cats—are rare. The endangered scimitar oryx and dama gazelle disappeared from Algeria in the 1990s.

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dama gazelle, esparto grass, spotted cats, jerboa, Atlas cedar, fennec fox, jujube trees, cork oak, overgrazing, jackal, High Plateau, brushwood, Animal life, shrubs, hare, boar, acacia, Plant life, ibex, antelope, pines, country, areas


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