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Economy, Transportation and Communications

Kribi, Benue River, Cameroon Airlines, Buea, Douala

Of the 34,300 km (21,313 mi) of roads, about one-fifth are paved. Unpaved roads are frequently impassable during the rainy season. The country has 1,006 km (625 mi) of railroad. The overwhelming majority of port traffic is handled at Douala; Kribi is the country’s second port. The port of Garoua on the Benue River in the north is open two to three months a year and handles most of the trade with Nigeria. Cameroon Airlines provides domestic and international service. The main international airport is at Douala; three other international airports and many smaller airfields exist. The national radio and television broadcasting system has its headquarters at Yaounde and local radio stations in Douala, Garoua, and Buea. In 1997 there were 163 radio receivers, 32 television sets, and 6 telephone mainlines in use for every 1,000 inhabitants.

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