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Economy, Agriculture

rice crop, peanuts, camels, squash, Millet

Cotton and livestock are the most important exports of Chad, accounting for about 70 percent of earnings. Production in 2001 was 235,000 metric tons of cotton. The rice crop is becoming increasingly important. Millet, potatoes, squash, beans, peanuts, and other vegetables are grown for local consumption. Livestock raising is important in the central region and in areas of the north. In 2001 the country’s livestock population included 5.6 million head of cattle, 2.5 million sheep, 5 million goats, 715,000 camels, and 198,101 horses. About one-third of the land is used for grazing.

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rice crop, peanuts, camels, squash, Millet, goats, potatoes, head of cattle, grazing, beans, sheep, central region, vegetables, accounting, land, Production, areas


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