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Economy, Transportation and Communications

Franceville, Port-Gentil, navigable waterways, radio receivers, Douala

Gabon has 8,464 km (5,259 mi) of roads, of which about one-tenth percent are paved. An 869-km (540-mi) highway crosses Gabon from north to south, linking the country with Loubomo in the Republic of the Congo and Douala in Cameroon. Government planning has stressed road construction. Before the 1970s, the country’s only railroad linked Mbinda (the Congo) with the Pointe Noire-Brazzaville Line. Construction began in 1974 on the 697-km (433-mi) Trans-Gabon Railroad; a section between Owendo and Booue was completed in 1982, and the extension to Franceville in the southeast was inaugurated in 1986. A link to the iron-ore deposits of the northeast is also planned. Owendo and Port-Gentil are the principal ports. The Ogooue River and its tributaries, the Ivindo and Ngounie rivers, provide navigable waterways. Gabon has a well-developed domestic air transportation network. The government operates television and radio stations. There were 183 radio receivers and 55 television sets in use for every 1,000 inhabitants in 1997.

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