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Land and Resources, Plant and Animal Life

baobabs, tropical grassland, acacias, kolas, antelopes

Southern Ghana contains evergreen and semideciduous forests, consisting of tall silk cottons, kolas, and valuable West African hardwoods such as mahogany, odum, and ebony. The northern two-thirds of the country is covered by savanna (a tropical grassland with a scattering of shrubs and trees), featuring shea trees, acacias, and baobabs. The oil palm is found throughout the south and the Ashanti uplands, and the lagoons of the coast contain mangroves. Once plentiful throughout the savanna, large mammals such as elephants and lions are now rare and largely confined to nature reserves. The forest regions are habitats for monkeys, snakes, and antelopes, and some of the major rivers contain crocodiles. There are more than 725 bird species in Ghana.

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baobabs, tropical grassland, acacias, kolas, antelopes, crocodiles, elephants, major rivers, odum, snakes, large mammals, monkeys, oil palm, lagoons, savanna, lions, habitats, evergreen, thirds, country


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