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Guinea Bissau, Population

Balante, Crioulo, Bolama, Malinke, Cacheu

Guinea-Bissau has a population (2002 estimate) of 1,345,479. The capital and principal port, Bissau, has a population (1995 estimate) of 233,000. Other ports include Cacheu and Bolama. The major ethnic groups are the Balante, Fulani, Mandinka (also known as Mandingo or Malinke), Mandyako, and Pepel. Cape Verdians form a small but significant minority. In religion, about 54 percent of the population follows traditional beliefs, and about 38 percent (primarily the Fulani and Mandinka) is Muslim. Some 8 percent of the people are Christian. The official language is Portuguese, but Crioulo, a fusion of Portuguese and African elements, is widely spoken. In the 1994-1995 school year primary schools enrolled 100,369 students, 70 percent of the eligible students. Only 11 percent of secondary school-aged children were enrolled in school. The country has several teacher-training colleges. The government has undertaken a program to improve the adult literacy rate, which stood at 58 percent in 2001.

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