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Population, Education and Cultural Institutions

Al Khums, epigraphy, National Archives, antiquities, prehistory

Primary education in Libya is free and compulsory. Close to 97 percent of the adult population is literate. In the 1998-1999 school year 821,775 pupils were enrolled in primary schools, taught by 97,334 teachers. About 642,000 students attended secondary, vocational, and teacher-training schools. During the same period, 308,474 students attended Libya’s five universities, the largest of which was Alfateh University in Tripoli.

The Government Library and National Archives are located in Tripoli, and the country’s largest library, containing more than 300,000 volumes, is affiliated with the University of Garyounis (1955) in Banghazi. Among the leading museums, which contain mainly antiquities excavated from various ruins, are the Lepcis Magna Museum at Al Khums, and the archaeological, natural history, epigraphy, prehistory, and ethnography museums in Tripoli.

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