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Malawi, Population

Ngoni, Tumbuka, Chewa, Indian origin, offshoot

More than 99 percent of the people of Malawi are black Africans. Principal ethnic groups include the Chewa, who constitute 90 percent of the population of the central region; the Nyanja, who predominate in the south; the Tumbuka, who predominate in the north; the Ngoni, an offshoot of the Zulu, who settled in the lower northern and lower central regions in the 1800s; and the Yao, who are mostly Muslim and live along the southeastern border. The rest of the inhabitants, principally settlers of British and Indian origin, form less than one-half of 1 percent of the population. Some 75 percent of the people live in rural villages.

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Ngoni, Tumbuka, Chewa, Indian origin, offshoot, Nyanja, Zulu, black Africans, Yao, inhabitants, percent, population, rest, form


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