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Economy, Transportation and Communications

Air Mali, Senegal River, Kayes, Bamako, radio receivers

The Niger is the lifeline of Mali. During the rainy season (June to September) and for a few months afterward, most of the course of the Niger is navigable by larger ships, while canoes and small craft can use the river year-round. The Senegal River is navigable from Kayes to Saint-Louis, in Senegal. A railroad links Koulikoro, Bamako, and Kayes with the port of Dakar in Senegal. Mali has 15,100 km (9,383 mi) of roads, of which 12 percent are paved. An international airport is located near Bamako. Air Mali, the state airline, offers international and domestic service. Telephone, telegraph, and radio services are publicly owned and operated. There were 3 telephone mainlines for every 1,000 inhabitants in 2000; the country had 55 radio receivers and 4 television sets in use for every 1,000 persons in 1997.

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