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Population, Culture

Tetouan, Arab invasion, Islamic art, Carthaginian, Archaeological Museum

Morocco has felt the influences of several ancient cultures. Excavations have unearthed elements of the Phoenician, Hellenic, Carthaginian, and Roman civilizations. Christianity spread to this region in Roman times and survived the Arab invasion, but Arabic influences, which began in the 7th century, were to prove the strongest. The Arabs brought to Morocco a written language that is still the primary language of business and culture. The western African influence, seen in dances, spread northward with trade. Among more recent influences, the strongest is that of France.

The Moroccan national library, which was founded in 1920, is located at Rabat. Other libraries in the country include the Library of Casablanca and the University library at Fes. Morocco has a number of major museums, one of which, the Archaeological Museum in Tetouan, has collections of Carthaginian, Roman, and Islamic art and artifacts.

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