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The People of Mozambique, Way of Life

Zambezi River, Nguni, popular sport, coastal cities, civil war

During the 20th century, the coastal cities attracted large Indian, European, and mixed-race populations, creating a melting pot of customs, languages, and cuisine. Many foreigners and people with foreign connections fled the country during the civil war, but the mix of cultures slowly revived in the late 1990s. The civil war also forced a large number of refugees from the countryside into the cities. South of the Zambezi, migrant laborers returning from South Africa have brought home Western goods and ideas, while north of the Zambezi, cultural traditions are typically more conservative. Patrilineal societies, that is, those that trace their heritage and descent through the fatherís line, dominate south of the Zambezi River. North of the river, all of the ethnic groups except the Nguni are matrilineal, tracing their family through the motherís line. Throughout urban and rural Mozambique, soccer is by far the most popular sport.

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Zambezi River, Nguni, popular sport, coastal cities, civil war, foreigners, cultural traditions, descent, soccer, heritage, cuisine, countryside, ethnic groups, ideas, languages, century, South Africa, family, people


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