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Land and Resources, Animal Life

hyenas, Smaller animals, jackals, crocodiles, rapid population growth

Before modern development, Nigeria’s diverse habitat of mangrove swamps, tropical forests, savanna, and mountain plateaus supported a diversity of plants and animals. However, over the last several decades, vast tracts of animal habitat have fallen victim to rapid population growth and the expansion of farmland. The widespread hunting of wildlife for food has also threatened the animal population. Consequently, Nigeria’s few remaining elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, and other large game are generally found only in very remote areas or inside major reserves. Smaller animals such as antelope, monkeys, jackals, and hyenas are more widespread. Hippopotamuses and crocodiles, however, are still common in the largest rivers. Birds, including species that migrate seasonally between Africa and Europe, are also abundant.

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hyenas, Smaller animals, jackals, crocodiles, rapid population growth, animal population, leopards, modern development, monkeys, savanna, tropical forests, lions, buffalo, antelope, large game, victim, species, remote areas, diversity of plants, Africa, food, decades


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