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Senegal, History

Cayor, Baol, archaeologists, Paleolithic, Wale

Remains of Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations have been discovered by archaeologists in the region now occupied by Senegal. About ad 500 Wolof and Serer peoples arrived from the northeast. In the 9th century Tukolor settled in the Senegal River valley, and the powerful Tekrur state of the Tukolor dominated eastern Senegal from the 11th to the 14th century. By the 15th century a pattern of Wolof and Serer states was well established there. Until far into the 18th century the decentralized Wolof empire near the coast retained nominal suzerainty over the other Wolof states, including those of Baol, Wale, and Cayor.

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Cayor, Baol, archaeologists, Paleolithic, Wale, northeast, coast, ad, region


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