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Seychelles, Land and Population

Digue, leading port, Chinese minorities, greater city, Mahe Island

The country consists of two distinct island groups: the Mahe group in the north and the low-lying coral islands stretching to the south. The 32 islands of the Mahe group are formed of granitic rocks and have hilly interiors rising to elevations greater than 900 m (greater than 2,950 ft). All the country’s principal islands belong to this group; they include Mahe Island (the largest), Praslin, Silhouette, and La Digue. The 83 coral islands are largely without water resources, and most are uninhabited. The population of the Seychelles (2002 estimate) is 80,098. The capital, principal city, and leading port is Victoria (population, 1990 estimate, greater city 35,000), on Mahe Island. About 90 percent of the country’s population lives on Mahe. Most people are of mixed French and African descent; Indian and Chinese minorities are also present. The official languages are Creole (a patois based on French), English, and French. Some 98 percent of the population is Christian, most of them Roman Catholics.

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Digue, leading port, Chinese minorities, greater city, Mahe Island, Praslin, patois, official languages, Roman Catholics, Silhouette, Creole, African descent, Seychelles, water resources, Victoria, capital, percent, south, estimate, people, English


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