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Mpanda, Tazara, Air Tanzania, Lake Tanganyika, Zanzibar city

Tanzania has 2,722 km (1,691 mi) of railroad, including lines linking Dar es Salaam to Lake Tanganyika, with branches to Mwanza, Mpanda, and Arusha. The Tanzania-Zambia Railway (Tazara), opened in 1975, provides a link between Dar es Salaam and Zambia. All these lines are currently being rehabilitated and expanded. Only a small portion of the 88,200 km (54,805 mi) of roads are paved. Steamships and airlines link the mainland with Zanzibar. The major seaports are Dar es Salaam and Mtwara. Airports serving Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar city, and elsewhere provide interterritorial services and international connections. The national airline is Air Tanzania.

Tanzania has a national radio network; in 1973 color television service began in Zanzibar. The country has three daily newspapers. Influential dailies include Uhuru and the Daily News, both published in Dar es Salaam.

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