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Tanzania, Population

Ngonde, Chagga, Bantu language, Ngoni, Nyika

The population of Tanzania consists mostly of members of more than 120 black African groups, the majority of which speak a Bantu language.The largest ethnic groups are the Sukuma and the Nyamwezi, each representing about a fifth of the country’s population. Other groups of significant size include the Haya, Ngonde, Chagga, Gogo, Ha, Hehe, Nyakyusa, Nyika, Ngoni, Yao, and Masai. The population also includes people of Indian, Pakistani, and Goan origin, and small Arab and European communities. People living in rural areas make up 67 percent of the population. Less than one-fifth of the population follows traditional religions. Islam is the religion of about one-third of the people on the mainland and is dominant on Zanzibar. Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian denomination of Tanzania, with some 6 million adherents. Swahili and English are the official languages of Tanzania, but many people continue to use the language of their ethnic group.

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