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Economy, Foreign Trade

important exports, electric machinery, trade agreement, citrus fruits, leather goods

The annual foreign trade of Tunisia usually shows a deficit. In 2000 exports totaled $5.9 billion and imports totaled $8.6 billion. The principal exports include textiles and leather goods, machinery and transportation equipment, petroleum and related products, phosphates and fertilizers, and agricultural products. Other important exports include wine, citrus fruits, and iron and steel. Among the leading imports are machinery, petroleum products, iron and steel, electric machinery, and food. The principal purchasers of Tunisia’s exports are France, Italy, Germany, the United States, Belgium and Luxembourg (which constitute a single trading entity), Spain, The Netherlands, and Algeria; chief sources of imports are France, Italy, and Germany. In 1995 Tunisia signed a trade agreement with the European Union (EU) that calls for more trade and fewer trade barriers between the EU and Tunisia. The agreement is scheduled to be implemented gradually over 12 years.

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