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Kabale, rainy seasons, Kampala, Rainfall, crops

Ugandas temperatures are moderate throughout the year. In Kampala, near Lake Victoria, average daily temperatures range from 18 to 28C (65 to 83F) in January and from 17 to 25C (62 to 77F) in July; in Kabale, in the highlands of the southwest, they range from 9 to 24C (49 to 75F) in January and from 8 to 23C (47 to 74F) in July. Except for its northeastern border area and small areas in the southwest, Uganda usually receives sufficient rain throughout the country to permit crops to grow once or even twice a year. Most areas of the country have distinct dry and wet seasons, though the Lake Victoria area receives rain throughout the year. The rainy seasons occur from March through May and from October through November. The driest areas, in the north, usually receive about 900 mm (40 in) annually, while the wettest, in the south, get more than 1,500 mm (60 in). Rainfall varies greatly, however, and local droughts are not uncommon.

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Kabale, rainy seasons, Kampala, Rainfall, crops, highlands, small areas, country, south, year


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