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Economy, Fishing, Forestry, and Mining

gewa, Hilsa, farm ponds, Bay of Bengal, Aquatic animals

Aquatic animals provide a major source of animal protein in the Bangladeshi diet. Hilsa (a kind of herring) and prawns are among the principal commercial species. The amount of fish caught in 1997 was 1.3 million metric tons, mostly consisting of freshwater varieties. Most freshwater fish are raised in farm ponds throughout the country. The leading commercial types of trees are wild sundari, gewa, and teak. Bamboo is also an important forest product.

Natural gas production is the primary mining activity in Bangladesh. Extensive development began in the 1990s after vast reserves were discovered both onshore and offshore in the Bay of Bengal. Apart from natural gas production, mining and quarrying are of negligible importance in Bangladesh.

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gewa, Hilsa, farm ponds, Bay of Bengal, Aquatic animals, metric tons, quarrying, freshwater fish, teak, Bamboo, Natural gas production, Bangladesh, prawns


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