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Cambodia has a relatively undeveloped road system. In 2000 the country had 12,323 km (7,657 mi) of roads, of which only 16 percent were paved. A modern highway links Phnom Penh with the deepwater port of Kampong Saom. Foreign nations, especially Japan, have donated money to help repair roads connecting other Cambodian cities. In the mid-1990s the entire railroad system extended about 600 km (about 370 mi). A rail line runs between Phnom Penh and Batdambang and extends to the Thai border. Another line connects the capital with Kampong Saom. The Mekong River, which is navigable in central and southern Cambodia, serves as another transportation artery. In early 1999 construction began on a bridge over the Mekong. The bridge, located to the northeast of Phnom Penh, is scheduled for completion in 2002. The country’s main international airport is in Phnom Penh. The national airline is Royal Air Cambodge.

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