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Government, Legislature

official appointments, passing laws, ratifying, CCP, NPC

Members of the National People’s Congress are chosen for five-year terms in indirect elections by the provincial congresses. Typically, the provincial congresses select those delegates recommended by the CCP. The size of the NPC is determined by law and has ranged from about 3,000 to about 3,500 members. Its size is too large—and its once-a-year sessions too short (typically less than a month)—for the NPC to conduct much debate over the legislation that it passes, the government reports it approves, or the official appointments and removals it makes.

When the NPC is not in session, a Standing Committee of about 150 members elected from the NPC membership acts in its place. The Standing Committee represents the congress in a variety of functions, including passing laws, interpreting and supervising implementation of the constitution, and ratifying or nullifying treaties with foreign governments.

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