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state funding, economic reforms, pension, foreign investment, new government

During the Soviet period, Kazakhstan’s social welfare system was funded by the Soviet central government. In the early 1990s the government of a newly independent Kazakhstan introduced pension, social insurance, and unemployment funds. The new government aimed to make its social welfare funds largely self-financing. The pension and social insurance funds do not receive state funding; instead they are financed entirely by employer and employee contributions. The state does finance the unemployment fund, which is intended to offset the increase in unemployment caused by economic reforms.

Kazakhstan’s health care system is limited in terms of facilities and coverage. Although hospitals exist in all of the country’s rural areas and are staffed by well-trained doctors, the quality of care is limited by a lack of technology and medicines. Any future expansion of health care in rural areas will be costly due to the large size of the country. The government has sought foreign investment in the health sector.

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state funding, economic reforms, pension, foreign investment, new government, medicines, large size, health sector, employer, quality of care, hospitals, increase, coverage, government


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