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Macau or Macao, administrative region of China, on China's southeastern coast. The last European colony in Asia, Macau was administered by Portugal from 1556 until 1999, when it became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. As a SAR of China, a Communist country, Macau will maintain its capitalist economic system for 50 years after 1999, an arrangement China refers to as “one country, two systems.” This separate status is similar to that of Hong Kong, which transferred from British to Chinese rule in 1997.

Macau is located west of the mouth of the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River) estuary and borders China's Guangdong Province to the north. It is 60 km (40 mi) southwest of Hong Kong, which is located on the opposite side of the Zhu Jiang estuary, and 110 km (70 mi) south of the city of Guangzhou.

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