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Culture, Art and Architecture

lacquerware, old capital, animal designs, Pagan, Mandalay

Secular art is rare in Myanmar; most sculpture and painting is confined to a Buddhist context. Many large pagodas were constructed by kings and rich people seeking to earn religious merit. These pagodas consist of a massive central spire decorated with plant and animal designs and lesser shrines around the base; they are often topped by a jewel-encrusted hti, or umbrella. There are thousands of ancient pagodas in the old capital at Pagan, others in the area of the former capital at Mandalay, and the grand, gold-encased Shwedagon Pagoda atop the central hill in today’s capital, Yangon. Architecture, as well as other art forms, display a dominant Indian influence. Artisans are known for their woven silks and lacquerware (boxes and bowls made of woven bamboo frames and covered with a hard resin).

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