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Economy, Agriculture and Manufacturing

Tarai, major food crops, oilseed, cigarettes, jute

Agriculture dominates Nepalís economy. It provides a livelihood for 79 percent of the population and contributes 40 percent of GDP. The Tarai is the main farming region of the country. Rice and corn are major food crops; potato, oilseed, sugarcane, jute, and tobacco are major cash crops. Nepalís industrial base is limited. Most industries are based on agricultural raw materials or dependent on various imported materials, mostly from India. Large manufacturing plants are owned and operated by the government. Major manufactured products include jute, sugar, cigarettes, beer, matches, shoes, cement, and bricks. Traditional cottage industries such as basket and carpet weaving are also important to Nepalís economy.

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Tarai, major food crops, oilseed, cigarettes, jute, potato, sugarcane, tobacco, corn, Rice, shoes, cement, population, beer, basket, country


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