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Kunsan, Korean Air Lines, Asiana Airlines, Pusan, main roads

A well-developed highway system connects the major urban centers. The country has about 86,990 km (about 54,053 mi) of main roads, including 1,550 km (963 mi) of expressway. The state-owned railroad system consists of 3,120 km (1,939 mi) of lines. The country’s chief ports include Pusan, Inch’on, Mokp’o, and Kunsan. Its merchant fleet numbers 2,426 vessels. More ships are owned by South Korean companies but registered in other countries. Korean Air Lines and Asiana Airlines provide both domestic and foreign service. Air travel is rapidly increasing in South Korea, with domestic passenger travel nearly doubling between 1990 and 1995. Inch’on International Airport opened in April 2001 for international flights. Located 52 km (32 mi) west of downtown Seoul, the airport covers 5,600 hectares (13,800 acres) on reclaimed tidal lands between two offshore islands.

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