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water hyacinths, wet zone, acacias, species of monkey, eucalyptus trees

Sri Lanka is noted for the beauty and variety of its vegetation. Dense tropical jungles occupy extensive areas in the southwest, and the upper mountain slopes are thickly forested. Many varieties of palm, including the areca, coconut, and palmyra, flourish in the lowlands along the coast. Mangroves and screw pines abound in coastal areas. Numerous varieties of timber trees, notably mahogany and many species of resin-yielding fruit trees, are indigenous to the wet zone. Among the timber trees that are common in the drier sections of the island are ebony and satinwood. Ferns, water hyacinths, orchids, acacias, eucalyptus trees, and cypresses flourish in various regions.

The animal life of Sri Lanka is diverse and includes many species that may be in danger of extinction, such as the cheetah, leopard, several species of monkey, and elephant. The island also contains numerous species of birds and reptiles.

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water hyacinths, wet zone, acacias, species of monkey, eucalyptus trees, areca, danger of extinction, lowlands, palmyra, Mangroves, cheetah, orchids, elephant, Ferns, reptiles, leopard, coconut, coastal areas, island, beauty


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