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National Palace Museum, Feast of Lanterns, Chinese opera, Chinese calligraphy, Dragon Boat Festival

Many ancient Chinese customs and holidays are still observed in Taiwan, including the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese New Year, and the Feast of Lanterns. The birthday celebration of Chinese philosopher Confucius is held annually on September 28. It is known as National Teacherís Day, and people observe it by performing traditional rituals at temples throughout Taiwan. Most people in big cities also celebrate Christmas, although not as a religious holiday.

The arts in Taiwan draw from a diverse heritage, encompassing aboriginal art, folk art, traditional fine arts, and modern art. Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting make up the mainstream of traditional Chinese fine arts. Other art forms include sculpture, ceramics, cloisonne, jade carving, and flower arranging. Performing arts include Chinese opera, Taiwanese opera, and drama. Taiwanís thriving film industry produces more than 100 movies annually; some receive international acclaim.

The islandís largest libraries, both in Taipei, are the National Central Library and the Taiwan Branch Library. There are also more than 15 public libraries located throughout Taiwan. Important museums include the National Palace Museum in Taipei, which houses collections of traditional Chinese art; the National Museum of History in Taipei, which exhibits mainly historical artifacts; and the Taiwan Provincial Museum in Taipei, which displays collections from local cultures.

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