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Economy, Transportation and Communications

United Daily News, Chinese Television System, Sinorama, China Post, Hualien

Taiwan has a well-developed road and rail network. The majority of railroads and highways are concentrated along the western coast, plains, and basins of Taiwan Island, where the most people live. The principal ports are Hualien, Kaohsiung, Chilung, T’aichung, and Suao. Chiang Kai-shek International Airport near Taipei is Taiwan’s largest airport, and southern Taiwan also has an international airport at Kaohsiung. China Airlines is the government-owned airline of Taiwan.

In the early 1990s Taiwan had more than 175 radio stations. The three major television networks are Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV), China Television Company (CTV), and Chinese Television System (CTS). Taiwan also has a noncommercial station, Chinese Public Television. Cable television offers additional programming.

There are more than 200 newspapers and more than 4,100 magazines published in Taiwan. The major newspapers are based in Taipei and include the Chinese-language Central Daily News, China Times Express, and United Daily News. The two English dailies are China News and The China Post. Among the periodicals, the Chinese edition of the Reader’s Digest has the largest circulation. English or bilingual periodicals include Free China Review, Sinorama, Economic News, Taiwan International Trade, Trade Winds, and This Month in Taiwan.

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