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History, Relations with Beijing

phase plan, Democratic Progressive Party, military exercises, KMT, reunification

In 1991 Taiwan formulated a plan to restructure the government, and a long-term, three-phase plan for reunification with mainland China was introduced. In April 1993 representatives from Taiwan and China met in Singapore to discuss the relationship between China and Taiwan and establish a schedule for subsequent meetings between the two governments. The Singapore meeting was the first high-level contact between China and Taiwan since 1949. Relations between Taiwan and China deteriorated in 1995 and early 1996 as China performed military exercises near Taiwan. Observers believed the military maneuvers were intended to intimidate supporters of pro-independence candidates in Taiwan’s presidential election.

In March 2000 presidential elections, voters in Taiwan elected Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Chen Shui-bian president, ending more than 50 years of rule by the KMT. China reacted warily to the election of a member of the DPP, which was founded as a pro-independence party.

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