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Chao Phraya river, Thai Airways, Ferries, road system, flights

Thailand has an extensive network of inland waterways, based on the Chao Phraya river and linking the agricultural heartland of central Thailand to Klong Toey Port in Bangkok. These waterways provided the major mode of transport until just a few decades ago and are still widely used to ship bulky products, such as rice and oil. Ferries on Bangkok’s extensive system of canals (khlongs) serve thousands of commuters every day.

Thailand’s railway system, established a century ago, consists of 4,044 km (2,513 mi) of track. It links Bangkok to the northern city of Chiang Mai as well as to the country’s western, northeastern, and southern extremities. The country has 64,600 km (40,100 mi) of roads and highways. Major improvements to the road system, begun in the 1970s, have brought all but the most remote communities within relatively easy reach of markets and services.

Thailand’s largest airport is Don Muang International Airport in northern metropolitan Bangkok. Smaller domestic airports are located throughout the country. Thai Airways offers flights throughout the region.

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