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Government, Local Government

Cuscatlan, Ahuachapan, Chalatenango, Sonsonate, Morazan

Local town councils and officials are popularly elected, but in practice the national president and the military have exercised great authority in local government. The country is divided into 14 departments (with 1992 populations): Ahuachapan (260,563), Cabanas (136,293), Chalatenango (180,627), Cuscatlan (167,290), La Libertad (522,071), La Paz (246,147), La Union (251,143), Morazan (166,772), San Miguel (380,482), San Salvador (1,477,766), San Vicente (135,471), Santa Ana (451,620), Sonsonate (354,641), and Usulutan (317,079).

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