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Prensa Libre, Comcel, Siglo Veintiuno, evening paper, Universal Postal Union

Guatemala has a modern telephone system run by the state-owned Guatel Company. But telephones are still difficult to get and expensive to install, giving Guatemala one of the lowest per capita phone ratios in the Americas, only 57 mainlines per 1,000 inhabitants in 2000. Cellular phones are a monopoly controlled by a private U.S. company, Comcel. By 2000 Guatemala had 61.2 mobile phones for every 1,000 persons, and the market was growing rapidly. Guatemala belongs to the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and Universal Postal Union (UPU). The Guatemalan postal service is sometimes unreliable.

Guatemala City has four daily private morning newspapers, Prensa Libre, Siglo Veintiuno, El Grafico, and La Republica, as well as the government’s Diario de Centroamerica, and one evening paper, La Hora. These papers circulate throughout the republic, as do two weekly news magazines, Cronica and Critica. Guatemala has five national television stations, including one owned by the armed forces, that broadcast nationally over 25 channels. There are 91 AM radio stations and 15 short-wave stations, including 5 government and 6 educational stations.

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