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Honduras, Land and Resources

Ulua, softwoods, Coco, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Except for two coastal strips, one extending about 640 km (about 400 mi) along the Caribbean Sea and the other 64 km (40 mi) on the Pacific Ocean, Honduras is a plateau, consisting of broad, fertile plains broken by deep valleys, and traversed by mountain ranges in a northwestern to southwestern direction. The mountains, which are volcanic in origin, rise to maximum elevations of more than 2,800 m (9,200 ft). Most of the country’s rivers drain to the Atlantic Ocean. Navigable Atlantic rivers include the Ulua, which drains approximately one-third of the country, and the Coco. Forests, covering 48.1 percent of the land, yield valuable hardwoods and softwoods. Fertile pasturelands provide the basis for increasingly productive dairy farming and livestock raising. Valuable mineral deposits, such as lead and zinc, are also present.

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