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Nicaragua, Land and Resources

Nicaragua is bounded on the north by Honduras, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, on the south by Costa Rica, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Located within the tropics, it extends 490 km (300 mi) from east to west and 470 km (290 mi) north to south at its widest points. Rivers form large sections of its northern and southern borders, and its combined coastline stretches 910 km (570 mi). Its area of 129,494 sq km (49,998 sq mi) makes Nicaragua the largest of the regionís countries. Within its borders lie the two largest lakes in Central America, Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua.

Western Nicaragua is lined with active volcanoes, and their frequent eruptions have produced soil that is among the most fertile in Central America. The country is also subject to very severe earthquakes. Its landscape ranges from tropical rain forest and marshes to forested mountain slopes.

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