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Economy, Communications

Panama America, Siglo, Prensa, Critica, Estrella

As a financial and transport nerve center, Panama has a well-developed system of communications. Its telephone company, INTEL, operates ground lines for 250,000 telephones and satellite connections to the rest of the world, including the Internet. A private company has begun offering cellular telephone service.

The electronic media include four television broadcast stations and 18 cable stations. Virtually every urban household has a radio and a television, but phones are scarcer. In the capital, most businesses have become automated. The use of personal computers and Internet connections is becoming more common in middle- and upper-class homes and through schools, universities, and businesses.

The print media are dominated by daily newspapers, which have large circulations in the major cities. The largest are Panama America, Critica, La Prensa, La Estrella, and El Siglo, all published in Panama City, with combined daily circulations of more than 150,000.

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