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Al Basrah, Shatt, Persian Gulf War, Qasr, Tigris

Iraq has railroad connections through Syria with Turkey and Europe. The Iraqi state railway system consists of about 2,440 km (about 1,515 mi) of track. The country has about 45,550 km (about 28,303 mi) of roads. In 1997 Iraq had 52 motor vehicles in use for every 1,000 people; the rate for passenger cars was 36.3 per 1,000. International airports serve Baghdad and Al Basrah. Al Basrah, on the Shatt al Arab, and Umm Qasr are the main ports for oceangoing vessels, and river steamers are able to navigate the Tigris from Al Basrah to Baghdad.

During the Persian Gulf War, bombing by United States-led coalition air forces demolished many transport facilities, such as bridges, ports, and airports. Some estimates suggest that the bombing destroyed more than 80 bridges. Iraq was able to rebuild some bridges and other facilities in the years after the war.

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