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Government, Political Divisions

Persian Gulf War, Hussein, mayors, national government, provinces

Iraq is divided into 18 provinces, of which three are officially designated as a Kurdish autonomous region. Each province outside the Kurdish region is administered by a governor appointed by the national government. Towns and cities are run by councils headed by mayors. The Kurdish autonomous region, established in 1970, has an elected 50-member legislature. This region came under UN and coalition protection after the Persian Gulf War, to prevent Hussein from taking military action against rebellious Kurds. However, infighting among Kurdish groups rendered the government largely ineffective. In 1998 two rival Kurdish parties signed an agreement, brokered by the United States, that provided for a transitional power-sharing arrangement. However, the agreement has not been implemented, and each of the two parties governs its own slice of Kurdish territory.

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Persian Gulf War, Hussein, mayors, national government, provinces, Iraq, governor, arrangement, Towns, cities, councils, military action, agreement, United States


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