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Land and Resources, Plants and Animals

jerboa, wild pig, wild ass, jackal, hyena

Vegetation is meager throughout Iraq. The southern, southwestern, and western parts of the country are desert areas. The country has few trees, except for the cultivated date palm and the poplar. Among the animals found in Iraq are the cheetah, gazelle, antelope, wild ass, hyena, wolf, jackal, wild pig, hare, jerboa, and bat. Numerous birds of prey are found in Iraq, including the vulture, buzzard, raven, owl, and various species of hawk; other birds include the duck, goose, partridge, and sand grouse. Lizards are fairly common.

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jerboa, wild pig, wild ass, jackal, hyena, gazelle, vulture, cheetah, antelope, owl, partridge, goose, hare, western parts, duck, wolf, raven, Iraq, trees, country


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