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Economy, Transportation

neighboring Arab nations, Arkia, Gulf of Aqaba, Elat, Indian oceans

Israelís chief means of transportation is its road network, which totaled 16,281 km (10,117 mi) in 2000. Motor vehicle ownership has increased rapidly, reaching 220 passenger vehicles per 1,000 persons in 1999. Traffic congestion and accidents can be serious problems. A national company runs popular, affordable, and frequent bus services in many areas. State-owned railroads operate 610 km (379 mi) of track. Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv-Yafo serves as the major airport. Israelís national airline, El Al, provides international service, while Arkia provides domestic service. Major ports include Haifa in the north, Ashdod on the central Mediterranean coast, and Elat on the Gulf of Aqaba. Because of boycotts by neighboring Arab nations, Israeli shipping remains vital to Israelís trade with more distant partners by way of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

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neighboring Arab nations, Arkia, Gulf of Aqaba, Elat, Indian oceans, Ashdod, Tel Aviv-Yafo, domestic service, boycotts, Haifa, national company, Major ports, passenger vehicles, international service, Traffic congestion, road network, accidents, major airport, serious problems, persons, way, areas


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