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Government, Executive and Legislature

Consultative Council, King Fahd, legislative powers, crown prince, Succession

The chief government and religious official of Saudi Arabia is a king. Succession to the office is not hereditary, and the crown prince, who succeeds the king, is chosen from among the Saud royal family by the family in consultation with religious and government leaders. The king usually also serves as Saudi Arabia’s prime minister. The royal family and a few other prominent families provide most higher government officials. The king’s power is effectively determined by his personality and his interaction with the leading families and religious officials of the country. Saudi Arabia has no separate legislature or political parties. Laws are issued by the king and his ministers. In 1992 King Fahd established the Consultative Council, a body of 60 members selected by the king as advisers.The council has no legislative powers. In 1997 its membership was increased to 90.

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