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wild cow, Khali, date palm, ibex, hyena

Fertile oases, many of which are the sites of towns and villages, are scattered through the Saudi Arabian deserts north of Rub‘ al Khali, and larger tracts of pasturage are in Ad Dhana’ and the plateau region. The great Saudi Arabian oil fields are located in the coastal area adjoining the Persian Gulf. Because of the general aridity the vegetation is not extensive. Various fruit trees, notably the date palm, and a wide variety of grains and vegetables thrive in the oases and in other areas where water is available. The indigenous wildlife includes the antelope, bustard, fox, gazelle, hyena, ibex, ostrich, panther, pigeon, quail, wildcat, wild cow, and wolf.

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wild cow, Khali, date palm, ibex, hyena, gazelle, Persian Gulf, pigeon, antelope, ostrich, wildcat, panther, quail, coastal area, Rub, bustard, vegetation, fox, vegetables


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