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Economy, Agriculture

metric tons, citrus fruits, major crops, goats, barley

Despite climatic handicaps, Syria produces a wide variety of crops, some in sufficient quantity for export. The major crops are cereals, primarily wheat and barley; cotton, which was raised in increasingly large quantities beginning in the late 1950s and accounted for more than half the national export revenues before the ascendancy of oil in the mid-1970s; and tobacco, grapes, olives, citrus fruits, and vegetables. In 2001 Syrian cereal production, including wheat, barley and corn, totaled 5.4 million metric tons. There were also large crops of vegetables (1.9 million metric tons); fruits (1.9 million metric tons); and cotton (900,000 metric tons). Syrian livestock in 2001 included 993,000 cattle, 30,000 horses, 198,000 asses, 13.8 million sheep, 1.1 million goats, and 22.4 million poultry.

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metric tons, citrus fruits, major crops, goats, barley, grapes, cereals, horses, tobacco, corn, sheep, cattle, olives, wheat, poultry, cotton, asses, large quantities


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