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Economy, Transportation and Communications

Syrian Arab Airlines, Tartus, Fida, Baath, radio receivers

Transportation and communications facilities in Syria are owned and operated by the state. Some 1,525 km (948 mi) of railroads connect the major cities of Syria and extend to the national frontiers of all neighboring countries except Israel. These include three relatively new lines connecting ?ims to Damascus, Damascus to ?alab, and Tartus to Al Ladhiqiyah. Syria has 43,381 km (26,956 mi) of roads, of which 23 percent are paved. In 1998 there were 30 vehicles in use for every 1,000 residents. Al Ladhiqiyah is the main seaport; port facilities at Tartus were developed in the 1980s. The national air carrier is Syrian Arab Airlines; the main international airport serves Damascus.

Telephone mainlines in Syria numbered 103 for every 1,000 inhabitants in 2000. There were 278 radio receivers per 1,000 people. Television service began in 1960, and there were 70 sets for every 1,000 Syrians in 1997. The country’s leading daily newspapers are al-Baath and al-Thawrah, published in Damascus; al-Jamahir al-Arabia, published in ?alab; and al-Fida, published in ?amah.

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