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Land and Resources, Rivers and Lakes

Lake Tuz, Burdur, western Anatolia, Lake Van, eastern Turkey

Almost all the rivers of Turkey contain rapids and are thus unsuitable for navigation. A number of rivers do not flow during the dry summer. Some rivers are, however, important sources of hydroelectric power and water for irrigation. The K?z?l?rmak (1,150 km/715 mi long), which empties into the Black Sea, is the longest river flowing entirely within national boundaries. The Buyukmenderes (ancient Meander) drains western Anatolia into the Aegean Sea; its many loops and bends have given rise to the term meander in English. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow from eastern Turkey to empty ultimately into the Persian Gulf.

Van Golu (Lake Van) is Turkey’s largest lake; its waters are saline, as are those of another large body of water, Lake Tuz. Freshwater lakes include Beysehir, Egridir, and Burdur—all in the southwest.

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