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Economy, Transportation and Communications

izz, Yemenis, land transportation, Aden, sewage disposal

Yemen has international airports in Sana‘a, Aden, Ta‘izz, and Al ?udaydah, and a good domestic air system. The ports at Aden and Al ?udaydah provide access to major sea routes. There is no railroad, but an extensive network of paved roads is rapidly replacing dirt tracks, a process that began in the 1960s. Trucks and cars are now widely available for land transportation, although many Yemenis still use donkeys and camels. Much attention has also been given to providing Yemenis with utilities, including electricity, water, and sewage disposal, and making telephone service, radio, and television more widely available. In the early 1990s Yemen had about five radio stations and ten television stations. Broadcasting is controlled by the government. Yemen’s largest daily newspapers are Al-Thawra, in Sana‘a, and 14 October, in Aden.

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