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Population, Population Characteristics

Al Mukalla, North Yemen, izz, South Yemen, hamlets

The total population of Yemen is 18,701,257 (2002 estimate). The average population density is 35 persons per sq km (92 per sq mi). Although more than one and a half times its size in land area, the former South Yemen had less than one-third the population of the former North Yemen in the late 1980s. The population of southern Yemen is concentrated in a few areas, including Al Mukalla and the other towns of Hadhramaut, the highlands north and east of Aden, and above all, in Aden proper and its metropolitan area. By contrast, the far larger population of northern Yemen is scattered over a great many towns, villages, and hamlets; the combined populations of its principal urban centers, Sana‘a, Ta‘izz, and Al ?udaydah, comprised less than 10 percent of the north’s total population in the late 1980s.

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